Anglický jazyk

 3. TŘÍDA  – autor: Ing. Lenka Čekalová
Neurčitý člen – a, an  I, my, you, your
Animals  I am, you are
Clothes  It is
Colours  It is
Greetings  Meals
He is, she is  My body
His, her  This, that
His, her – sentences  Toys
Christmas  What is the time?
I am, you are  Wild animals


 3. TŘÍDA  – autor: Mgr. Radka Hetzerová
Neurčitý člen – a,an My hobby
Animals Numbers 1-20
Body Numbers 20-100
Classroom Prepositions 1
Clothes Prepositions 2
Colours Revision 4-10
Greetings Revision 10
Christmas To be – plural
Meals To be – singular
My hobby – My pet  To have got


 5. TŘÍDA  – autor: Ing. Lenka Čekalová
A letter to your penfriend Timetable
Daily schedule To be – affirmative
Geographic data To be – negative
Christmas To be – question
Numbers 0-100 To have got – affirmative
Possessive adjectives To have got – negative
Present simple To have got – question
Revision 1 What´s the time?
Revision 2 What´s the time? – practise 1
Synonym, antonym What´s the time? – practise 2


 6. TŘÍDA  – autor: Mgr. Jiří Richter
 Adjectives and verbs  Introductions
 Adjectives  My life – present tenses
 Adverbs of frequency  Ordinals – days and months
 Articles  Past simple – irregular verbs
 Comparatives and superlatives  Past simple – regular verbs
 Countable and uncountable nouns  Past simple – to be
 Food and drink  Pets
 Going to  Present tenses
 Have to and has to  Pronouns
 In the classroom – present tenses  What´s the matter?


 7. TŘÍDA  – autor: Mgr. Jiří Richter
Articles Past continuous and simple
Asking the way Past continuous
Don´t / doesn´t have to Past simple – question
Facts about English speaking countries Past simple – negative
Going to Past simple
Large numbers – practise Phrasal verbs
London sightseeing Present perfect – affirmative
Modal – practise Present perfect – practise
Must and mustn´t – practise Types of films
My family Will